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Brandon Schaefer is a graphic designer, creative director at Jump Cut in NYC, and former writer for His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several publications over the years. He co-hosts The Poster Boys, a podcast about design and film posters, and feels incredibly silly writing all of this in the third person.


Clients have included:
Unzero Films, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Drafthouse Films, Tribeca Film, IFC Films, Eureka! Entertainment, Park Circus Films / Sony / MGM / WB / Fox, The New York Times, Mondo,, Cinedigm, A24, Artists Public Domain, Bond 360, Radius, WIRED, Caliber Media, FrightFest Originals, DeathWaltz Records, Spoke Art / The Castro Theatre, ShortList, Independent Film Festival Boston, The Brattle Theater.


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