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 A drawing of my favorite movie + poster from when I was 4 years old.

Are your posters available to purchase? 
Not by me! I actually don't have physical copies of anything I've worked on.
How much do you charge? Since every assignment is different, I don't have a flat fee. Typically I talk with clients to determine budget and scope of work before starting a project.
Is there any advice you would give to students? I'm just another knucklehead in a long line of knuckleheads, but I'd say this to a younger version of myself if I could: Brush up on the business side of design. Take pride in the fact that you're a skilled laborer and can be of service to others. Learn to protect your heart from becoming consumed with self-doubt and cynicism. Don't feel ashamed for liking or seeing value in work that isn't considered "good design." Remember to always be kind.

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