From an interview with Barry Jenkins on the changes to film brought on by streaming:

One of the arguments a streaming platform can make is that they have the ability to reach people who wouldn’t see certain movies or even know about them in the first place.

Yeah, we’re in transition. I’m going to think about this talk because I’m trying to find the answer and at this point, clearly, I don’t have it. I’ve changed my mind three times on this call! But let me tell you about something, you’ll love this.

We had a screening of “Beale Street” in Washington, D.C., at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and a fire broke out. So, irony of ironies, we had to go across the street to the Air and Space Museum, where there’s an Imax theater. To see Regina King as a black mom trying to save her family on that larger-than-life screen, in the Air and Space Museum — where, when you walk out, all you see are images of white men going into space — I thought, “O.K., this is what it was like when people sat in a movie chair and thought a train was coming towards them.” I can’t get that feeling on my flat screen at home, so we’ve got to figure something out.