“Stanley thought we are always falling behind our scientific and technical achievements. We are very good at making more and more things - but to do what with? We haven’t kept up, psychologically and philosophically. We are not profound. We are still getting away with the most boring entertianments. We are shallow, and we know it. We suffer from it. The choices we make are not satisfying. Our sins are all of omission - of not doing the more interesting things that we could do. There is a lethargy, a lack of energy and concentration that prevents us from reaching the key point where we are as creative and perceptive as we really wish to be. We are in the terrible position of being smart enough to know that we are not smart enough. For instance, we still can’t imagine, "What is God?” So In 2001 we see fantastic tools of communication. People can speak over zillions of miles, but nobody has anything to say. So we pretend. We live in a little world of nonsense and send each other funny photos and cute stories, with this enormous technology. “Happy birthday,” and so on, when nobody seems to care or react. It’s very melancholy - although two things we really can do. War and pornography we’re good at.“

— Christiane Kubrick