Ad-man Howard Gossage doesn’t get as much lip-service as some of the other giants of his era, and probably for good reason: he didn’t keep his mouth shut when it came to voicing his opinions on the industry. When asked if advertising was worth saving, he replied:

“From an economic point of view I don’t think that most of it is. From an aesthetic point of view I’m damn sure it’s not; it is thoughtless, boring, and there is simply too much of it.”

And a few more Gossage gems:

“The only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.”

“People like to be treated as human beings rather than consumers and they react very well to it.“

“Our first duty is not to the old sales curve, it is to the audience. It is simply not right to treat an audience in that fashion. If we can’t look at it from a broad, ethical point of view, then we ought to look at it personally, to please ourselves. We are all members of the audience, too, and are bored or irritated right along with everybody else.”

Worth picking up - The Book of Gossage.