From a 2014 reddit AMA with Don Hertzfeldt:

“Do you remember a time when you were working really hard making things, except no one was looking at them and you weren’t making money? Did you ever wonder ‘Oh geez, maybe I’m not actually talented, maybe there is no intrinsic value to any of the things I make UGH WHAT AM I DOING’ and if so, do you have any advice for others going through such a period?”

Don Hertzfeldt: THAT TIME IS RIGHT NOW. Lynda Barry said something really great about this and I am paraphrasing badly, but you need to try to return to the time when you were a little kid, creating things on a big sheet of paper in a beautiful sunbeam, and not having any cares at all about how it might one day be received. It’s when children learn to think, “is this any good?” that they start to become paralyzed creatively. And this is why most adults don’t draw, don’t write, don’t sing, don’t dance, and are terrified in front of audiences.