Ken Loach on the working class

“The working class has immense power. The working class can turn off the switch and nothing moves, nothing is made, nothing is sold, the economy has stopped completely. But they’re taught that they don’t have any power — that the power is with the money, it’s with the stock markets, it’s with the banks. But wealth is created by the working class. We don’t need the exploiters; the exploiters need someone to exploit for their profits…

[A] key thing for me, for my generation — was the politics of the ’60s and the New Left. The essential principle we learned is that there is a class conflict at the heart of society between those who sell their labor and those who exploit it. It’s irreconcilable, and that is the struggle. That is the struggle. You are on one side or the other, whether you want to be or not.”

— Ken Loach (via)