The TCM Mantra

The Turner Classic Movies Mantra

The Business
TCM is in the business of keeping classic movies alive. Our role is not only to shore the wealth of classic movies, but also to preserve it, and create a new and growing audience. Our mission is to turn fans into zealots, casual viewers into fans, and newcomers into the classic movie lovers of the future.

The Aspiration
TCM is proud to play a unique role in American culture. We will defy categorization and advocate risk-taking as we meet the challenge of expanding the relevance of classic movies transcending the limitations of television. TCM will be the leading source of new perspectives on classic movies.

The Experience
The TCM experience will express unconditional love of classic movies and provide unrivaled pleasure and satisfaction. TCM will always be fun, smart. cinematic and trend setting. TCM understands why we need movies, and the importance of classic movies as the intersection of entertainment, culture and history. Our commercial-free programming and our unmistakable style produce a special and intimate dynamic with our audience, and a unique TCM state of mind.

The Bottom Line
TCM believes that movies matter. TCM is dedicated to the art of film, the value of movies and the intelligence of our audience. We accept the responsibility of advancing the art and commerce of classic movies. Without TCM, classic movies will die and with them, part of our culture. TCM is the guardian of classic movies, the keeper of a cultural flame.