Barney Bubbles in 1981

A few short quotes from a 1981 interview with designer and album cover artist Barney Bubbles in The Face magazine:

“I feel really strongly about what I do, that it is for other people, that’s why I don’t really like crediting myself on people’s albums – like you’ve got a Nick Lowe album, it’s Nick Lowe’s album not a Barney Bubbles’ album!”

“I find it’s a big racket. I think everybody should own up, first of all they’re doing it for money and the art definitely comes second. All it is is rock and roll and it’s no big shakes. But at the same time I think commercial design is the highest art form. Painting’s not dead, but it’s struggling to make a comeback.”

“I love rock and roll…I can’t get enough of it! But I’m really sad the way it’s gone. I find all the young designers…and I’ve talked to a lot of them…they think they’re doing Art, and they talk about record covers as Art. They do one sleeve and they are already talking about what they are going to do for the next album cover. All that to me is highly suspect because you’ve got to wait, hear the music and meet the guys, and they tell you what they want and then it’s up to you to deliver that.”

“They’re so creative – the kids that do the sleeves – it makes me feel so staid and boring, and I think: I’ve got to get out, it’s time for me to go.”

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