Kyle Baker on working with Milton Glaser

Pages from the True Hearts and Tommy Guns trilogy by Kyle Baker

From a 1994 interview, artist Kyle Baker on his time freelancing for Milton Glaser after dropping out of the SVA:

“Milton Glaser is on the board of something or other at the School of Visual Arts. He likes to give students of SVA jobs, because he’s an okay guy. So he called up the alumni society and asked if they had anybody who could draw cute bunny rabbits.

That’s where I got my education, at least my practical education. Now I pretty much know all the steps involved in putting together a printed book. So, like on Dick Tracy or Through the Looking Glass or everything after that, I do pretty much everything: I do the mechanicals, I do the actual typesetting, and I designed the typeface. I get to pick the process because I know all the different kinds of printing processes, so I can figure out which one would best serve which book.”

— (via Hot Tips From Top Comics Creators)