Steve Rude on burnout

“I have encountered burnout about four times in my career drawing Nexus. The first time it happened it was devastating. Like any first-time occurrence, you’re left not knowing how to deal with it. I had a tremendous feeling of guilt that I am unable to preform, that I’m letting people down.

I solved it be realizing that I was breaking down because mentally I couldn’t go on anymore. This is simply the clinical way of looking at it. There was something wrong; I had to listen to what my mind was telling me. Instead of feeling guilty and making it even worse upon myself, I had to look at what happened and not be so hard on myself.

I was so hard on myself back then that literally almost killed myself over the work, and then the guilt came on top of not being able to work. Having survived it, I look back and realize that it happened for a reason; and it wasn’t a bad reason. I shouldn’t feel bad for having had it happen to me.

I’m at a loss to explain how others can resolve it. Just take your mental health very seriously. We’re so hard on ourselves…just be aware that these things are going to happen.”

— Steve Rude