Lessons from UbuWeb

“In a world of money-crazed start-ups and surveillance capitalism, copyright madness and abuse, UbuWeb represents an island of culture. It shows what a single person, with dedication and focus, can achieve.

There are lessons to be drawn from this:

  1. Keep it simple and avoid constant technology updates. UbuWeb is plain HTML, written in a text-editor.
  2. Even a website should function offline. One should be able to take the hard disk and run. Avoid the cloud – computers of people you don’t know and who don’t care about you.
  3. Don’t ask for permission. You would have to wait forever, turning yourself into an accountant and a lawyer.
  4. Don’t promise anything. Do it the way you like it.
  5. You don’t need search engines. Rely on word-of-mouth and direct linking to slowly build your public. You don’t need complicated protocols, digital currencies or other proxies. You need people who care.
  6. Everything is temporary, even after 20 years. Servers crash, disks die, life changes and shit happens. Care and redundancy is the only path to longevity.”

UbuWeb, 1996-2024

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