Otto Storch on Type

“We cannot afford to be dull. A good procedure to follow is to first get a good idea for the page. Poor presentation may sometimes ruin a good idea but the best pictures and most brilliant typography cannot make a bad idea come off.

I do not think that typography is an end in itself, but that it is a component part of the whole message. For me, idea, copy, art and typography are inseperable.

When selecting type a person depends upon his experience for technical proficiency and his creative ability to give the page that extra little sparkle. What face you select will always be a matter of personal judgement. There are no rules that are able ot tell you to use a particular type face in any given situation.

There are not many hard and fast rules that cannot be broken. No one can say that type should or should not surprint a picture if it is done successfully. No one can say that a headline should be hand lettered or set in type or that it should be large or small. No one can say that a headline must always be on the top or the bottom of the page or that it must fill a horizontal or vertical space. These considerations must be met by the person building the layout with his experience and judgement of what is good or bad and his degree of effectiveness as a communicator.”

— Otto Storch (via Type and Typography: The Designer’s Type Book)