Karrie Jacobs on design trends

Karrie Jacobs writing about the explosion of ‘typishness’ (typography being used “playfully, joyously, exuberantly, with utter abandon”) in the late 1980s:

“How can contemporary typishness be the last fling of the printed word if Otto Storch was typish in 1960? How could that theory be correct if Bradbury Thompson was typish in 1949? And Lester Beall in 1935? And Ladislav Sutnar in 1941? And Alexander Rodchenko in 1923? How? This type frenzy is nothing we haven’t experienced before.

Every theory based on a selection of a year’s worth of design is bound to be wrong. Every round-up of trends in graphic design is a fiction.”

— (via On Typishness / AIGA Annual #10, 1989)