Martin Scorsese on being alive

“It’s very difficult, because, without being pretentious or taking yourself too seriously, I have children and grandchildren and I’m trying to find out what it is to be alive. What do we do with this time here? For each other? The thing is, there is nothing else outside of taking care of each other. It’s as simple as that.

Loving work, wanting to do more and achieve more – aren’t these the same thing? It grows out of devotion and dedication. You feel it in Picasso right up to the last minute. With Hockney, in his remarkable multi-camera videos. In McCartney’s music. They can’t stop. They don’t want to stop. Why would they? Why would I?

I don’t want to slow down. At my age, your body tells you at a certain point you need to pace yourself, but I’m still searching for, as I mentioned earlier, the answer to how we take care of each other. I thought my films should reflect that. I have tried the best that I can.”

— Martin Scorsese (via)