Tron’s Logo Design

Tron logo concept by Syd Mead

“The name ‘TRON’ was derived by Steven Lisberger from the simple fact that the word appeared in so much of the terminology relating to science and computers. When Lisberger and Kushner brought the project to Disney, they owned two versions of a logo – one styled in neon light, the other with the letters in the title designed in a circuit pattern.

Syd Mead’s full color logo design

Early in 1981, Syd Mead designed the lettering which became the final ‘TRON’ logo. Richard Taylor added a hard metallic edge and a texture designed to resemble gradations on a video screen. He also moved the ‘R’ slightly away from the ‘T’ to make the title more readable. He based this on a test he performed with his children, who could not read the title with the ‘R’ close to the ‘T.'”

Final logo by Richard Taylor, John Scheele, Marta Russell and Douglas Eby

— (via The Art of Tron)