Ken Russell on Savage Messiah

"You can always tell a bad artist, like a bad doctor, by the fact he surrounds his work with some sort of hocus-pocus. Sure, there’s a mystery. But it’s as much a mystery to the one doing it as to the one who’s looking at it."

“I wanted to show artists as workers, not people who live in ivory towers.”

“Guider’s life was a good example to show that art which is simply exploiting to the full one’s natural gifts is really bloody hard work, misery, momentary defeat and taking a lot of bloody stick – and giving it…if you want to show the hard work behind a work of art, then a sculptor is your very best subject. I was very conscious of this in the sequence where Gaudier sculpts a statue all through the night. It’s the heart, the core of the film, the most important scene to me.”

— Ken Russell on Savage Messiah (1972)