Roman Cieślewicz on his work

“In the job I do, the pleasure of creation has always been the major argument. That is why I cannot remember a single moment at which my work has been influenced by the requirements of a client to the detriment of my personal researches. I make no distinction between my studio work and my so-called commercial graphic work. I try to subject myself to the essential demands of my profession. My work has no need of the plentiful and sophisticated resources of the day, since for the last twenty years all my works have been based on photographic montage and leave my studio without any preliminary commercial stipulations. On the other hand, my assistance as a visualizer has never been given to any object or action that I did not believe in. It’s true that the circle of my clients is rather restricted and that I deal primarily with cultural themes.”

— Roman Cieślewicz (via Graphis #221)