Martin Scorsese on “the old stuff”

“It’s really who’s gonna carry the torch for the next generation. Who’s gonna care about cinema, movies, film, whatever you wanna call it. Who’s gonna care about it for the next generation? To make people aware, hey, this is important. It’s who we are. It’s our culture.

I mean, I’m hoping that the new people who are coming into The Film Foundation who are part of the new board have as much cinema madness in them. You know? To fight the system. Because the system’s really scary now. It’s changing everywhere. And it changes daily. And why bother with the old stuff?

We bother with the “old stuff”, quote unquote, because it’s really what’s important to you as a human being, what’s important for your soul. You know, it’s a big fight. There’s no doubt. But the real value is the art. And it gives us sustenance. So, for me, it’s something that we have to cherish and something that we have to… we have to make sure it survives.”

— Martin Scorsese (via)