Kathleen Hanna’s manifesto

The Revolution starts here + now within each one of us.

Burn down the walls that say you can’t:

Be a dork, tell your friends you love them.
Resist the temptation to view those around you as objects + use them.

Recognize empathy and vulnerability as positive forms of strength.
Resist the internalization of capitalism, the reducing of people + oneself to commodities meant to be consumed.

Resist psychic death.
Don’t allow the world to make you into a bitter abusive asshole.

Cry in public.
Don’t judge other people. Learn to love yourself.

Acknowledge emotional violence as real.
Figure out how the idea of competition (winning and losing) fits into your intimate relationships.

Decide that you’d rather be happy than be right all the time.
Believe people when they tell you they are hurting or are in pain.


— Kathleen Hanna (1989)