Martin Scorsese on time

“The time you spend is really spending time. It isn’t wasting time. Then one has to find within that spending of time an allowing oneself to just not feel you’re wasting it if you’re just existing for the moment. Just exist. Look out the window and see half a tree. You know, I look up at my 1940s posters when I was growing up. These are the movies I saw.

Out of the Past I saw in a double bill with Bambi. Those are the posters that as a child, they promised me something when I went to the theater. In any event, it is how you’re spending the time. Because it really means spending it. It’s not going to come back. And so there’s a balance between allowing yourself to exist—meaning, some people say ‘rest’; it’s not really resting, it’s existing—and the other thing is a manic, manic desire to learn everything at once. Everything.”

— Martin Scorsese (via)