Winston Smith on faking it

“I look at things I made in ’76 and ’77 and it’s a great deal different now. There was a lot of art being done for bands in the initial punk scene that was godawful. I thought I could do a little better than some of the posters I saw. I wasn’t involved in the scene in any deep sense and didn’t really know anybody in any bands, so I kind of just made up posters for bands that didn’t exist and clubs that didn’t exist. I put them all over the city and people would collect them and even show up at the address of the club, which was a vacant lot someplace. I actually heard later from Dirk Dirksen, a long time afterwards, that he was always surprised that these bands didn’t show up to get booked by him at the Mabuhay Gardens. The reason is that they didn’t exist!”

— Winston Smith (via Punk Planet)