Christopher Reeve on money

“I’ve never done a project for money; that is for money alone. I have no objections to making money, but I don’t do work because I have a house with a pool and I have to pay for it. If there’s nothing you really want to do, move out of the house. No one says you have to have a swimming pool. I think when you start working for money you turn a corner. It’s a violation, really. Of your integrity. You’ve got very few things that are private in this life. You’ve got your pride and yourself, and those are the last things you can sell. You can sell sex, you can sell your secrets – how you run around the house, make love swinging from the chandeliers. People do that regularly. One of the few things you have to hang onto is your integrity about your work, and I think work defines a great deal of who you are. If you don’t have any pride in your work, then I wonder, who are you?”

— Christopher Reeve