Tibor Kalman on design in the ’80s

“I was beginning to question in public what I was questioning in private. I had a whole string of fierce encounters with people. I had this fierce scene with Paula Scher where she screamed at me for half an hour, ‘Don’t shit where you eat!’ Her argument was that I was trying to destroy the community that made me a success, that i was on the one hand taking profits from a community and having status and at the same time telling it what a piece of shit it is. That’s exactly what I was doing. My quandary was that designers have been taught to be liars. They have been taught to use their skills – just like lawyers and accountants – to distort information. I was not against anyone personally, I just had all these questions about what we were doing. And we made this into a debate instead of a kind of group therapy, which is really what we needed.”

— Tibor Kalman (via Tibor Kalman, Perverse Optimist)