M&Co’s design approach

On M&Co’s design approach:

“The school of undesign actually developed out of Kalman and Bokuniewicz’s lack of experience and inability to compete with the slick production standards of the day. Since they were unable to hide behind dazzling colors and the deft subtleties of layering varnish on coated stock, they were forced to resort to funny ideas. Over time, as M&Co became more confident, the defensive tactic evolved into a stance.

Carol Bokuniewicz: ‘As long as we could break the rules, it interested us more than making beautiful work. We were on the outside of graphic design. It was a very very staid time, with a lot of corporate and cute and friendly work, very precious, very designy and not surprising or startling. It was tempting to shake it up.'”

— (via Tibor Kalman, Perverse Optimist)