Julie Prendiville on Margo Chase

“When asked to speak at colleges and seminars, she brings a slide show called Germs, where she shows inspiration and final product. ‘People always ask me how I get my ideas,’ Chase explains. ‘So I thought I should show some sources. For example, when we were in Paris, outside of my hotel there was a wrought iron fence that had Art Nouveau curves. I thought I might be able to use them for something so I took a picture of the fence.’ Those same curves appear in a logo for Jody Watley.

Margo’s project research includes going to her own vast library of books, new and old, housed in floor-to-ceiling bookcases on both floors of her studio. ‘If I’m stuck and can’t come up with an idea, I’ll combine two weird things together. It ends up stirring the pot.'”

— Julie Prendiville on Margo Chase (via Communication Arts, May/June 1993)