Mike Salisbury on ‘Aliens’

“I found a still of Sigourney Weaver holding a gun with a child in her arms, a photo that I felt communicated something unique, as unique as Eisenstein’s child in The Battleship Potemkin. I had to sell that one to the studio. So, first I supported the picture with design – I put the eggs in, alien eggs, giving the poster a relationship to the first Alien. Then, the entire scene was colored blue, to give a quality of ‘otherworldliness.’ With back-lighting I highlighted Sigourney and gave her a ‘Joan of Arc’ quality – the woman as saviour, as hero. And then I wrote my sales speech. And rehearsed it over and over. And promptly forgot it the day I made my pitch to the marketing director at Twentieth Century Fox. I said simply, ‘You should use this. It works.'”

— Mike Salisbury on the 1986 poster for Aliens