Frank Frazetta’s ancedote

Frank Frazetta reflecting on the time several art directors had told him his work looked too ‘old fashioned’:

“I was in a total state of rage. Frustration, you know, where I felt like I could have killed someone if the wrong person had made the mistake of getting in my way.

I was walking down the street and as I passed a house with a picket fence in front I reached out with one hand and snapped off one rung after another. I thought about it for years. I remember going back and looking at what I had done – and I don’t know how I did it. I tried many times afterward to break off one of those two-inch-square rungs and it was impossible. I’ve never had a similar feeling of such utter rage since that day. I looked in the mirror when I got home and said, ‘My God, look what is happening to me. That is worth painting. I’ve got to capture that expression.'”

— (via Testament: The Life and Art of Frank Frazetta)