Art Chantry on working today

“The only things I demand from a client these days are respect and honesty. Sadly, the bigger the organization (especially the corporate world) the more severely lacking in those two traits. So, once or twice a year, a corporate client approaches me with a project waving a fist full of “filthy lucre” in my face. I do my best to get as much money from them as possible. Because they just want my name, not what I actually do.

Once, to design an “events program” poster, they so didn’t understand the smallest details of the printing production process that they fired me halfway through the project. But they still used what I designed, slapped my name over everything and got all sorts of attention for doing such a cool piece. I got 50% up front, so I was satisfied with that. One year my entire year’s income was cancellation fees!

On the other hand, I still do logos and record covers and posters and T-shirts, etc., for small businesses and arts groups and rock bands and community events and the like. It’s fun, they love working with me, love what I do and are happy to pay me the piddling amount I charge them. We walk away friends and collaborators. It’s deeply satisfying work and I love it. But it’s almost impossible to make a living working for them. So, the corporate nightmare is something I do to help support what I prefer to do—working with average folks on their ‘reason for living.'”

— Art Chantry (via)