Bob Peak on his career

“I enjoy it. I’ve never looked at a clock. I love doing the work. I’m really content. If I can get my kids through college — it’s a hell of a job — if I can cut that I’ll be okay. But in the future, maintaining any degree of creative independence will mean maintaining a very low economic lifestyle. Otherwise you’re up against the wall and you have to take it whenever they dish it out.

I stay with this because this is the thing I like the best…and it gives me the most bread. Making money is a necessary part of the times we live in. But you gotta keep hustling. Why else do you think I’m here on a Sunday? My son wanted to be an artist, and he was real good, but I talked him out of it.

I just prefer doing what I’m doing. But I’m getting older now and someday I would like to do the things I would like to do. Be free to do some pictures and not think about how much they’ll pay me for them.”

— Bob Peak