John Lurie on painting

“You know, you should try this. You should get some paints and some brushes and some paper. I mean, watercolor, it’s not expensive. You don’t need a…just a little tiny pad. Pick a decent paper, and paint, and brushes. And just mess around with it. And don’t expect to make anything good right away. Just do it. Just see what, I mean, see what it gives you. ‘Cause it’s so rewarding. And then, you get good at it kind of fast, you know. It’s gonna stink the beginning. You’re gonna stink in the beginning, you know. But what do you expect?

But just mess around with it. It’s just the, what it gives you, what the water does, what the paints do. It’s just fascinating and really relaxing. Unless of course you expect you’re gonna do something great right away, and then, you’re gonna be miserable. But just put the paint on the paper, and see what you have. Just see what it is. It’s really worth it. It’s good for you. And don’t let anybody see it.”

— John Lurie on painting (via)