George Andrade on City Slickers

George Andrade (left) / John Alvin (right)

“It was the first weekend in February 1991 and I was working at Frankfurt Gips Balkind and a comp for the movie CITY SLICKERS had to be done for a presentation to Billy Crystal on the following Monday. The comp was a takeoff of an old John Wayne movie called STAGECOACH. One of the other art directors at FGB found a photo of the old poster and Peter Bemis, our creative director at the time, wanted to know if anybody could make it work. That’s when I volunteered to take on the project. I asked my wife if she would come up with a logo and she frantically came up with not only the logo but also cast member names (it ended up being the final logo!). 

I finished the comps late on Sunday night and brought both comps into work on Monday morning. The project manager was sick that day so I had to jump in my car, go over to Castlerock and make the presentation myself. I was nervous because it wasn’t my job to make presentations. I remember walking into Castlerock and telling the receptionist that I was there to make a presentation to Billy Crystal. They ushered me to his office and then he finally showed up. He kept looking at the comp nodding his head and saying In a very strong New York accent “looks good but George, George can we get Jack in there?” I said “sure we could fit him in somewhere”. I called John Alvin to see if he was available. He said he was available and the project was then turned over to a young art director for finishing.”

— George Andrade (via)