John Waters on computers

“I’ve written all 13 movies and four books in longhand on legal pads with Bic pens and Scotch tape. When I want to change it, I don’t plug anything in. I have a computer. But I don’t ever touch it. My assistant puts the scripts in there and it works like a word processor. It’s stupid, probably, although what do I need it for? They ask me to do a CD-ROM all the time. But that’s like creating a movie, and then thinking of four endings for each scene. You do the work…

And the last thing I want is e-mail. I want to be harder to reach. Not easier. And I see these web sites about me that have such completely made up stories. One had pictures that wasn’t even me. Another web site said I wore a top hat. I wouldn’t wear a top hat. I’d kill someone that wore a top hat around Baltimore!”

— John Waters (via Graphis #314)