Art Chantry on new ideas

“Since WWII we haven’t been coming up with new ideas, we’re simply taking old ideas and applying them in new ways. This goes for the arts and the sciences and the culture in general.  Taking the old and applying to the new is called appropriation. All of our work since WWII has been appropriation. It’s the hallmark style of the postmodern era of decadent modernism. We mix and match crap all over the place. It’s a crazy mosh and none of the ideas we toss around are new at all. I know enough about history that I can point to whatever it is you’re “creating” and tell you who did it first and better 100 years ago. It’s pretty funny in a classroom to point at students’ haircuts they think are so hip and tell them who designed them and when. Blows their minds.”

— Art Chantry