Quotes from Amos Kennedy Jr.

Amos Kennedy Jr. made an appearance on the Quarantine Book Club in 2021. Some great bits below:

“I am a printer, not a printmaker. I am not a fine artist who makes expensive things. I believe that art should be accessible to the people.”

“If poor people don’t help other poor people, who will?“

“A lot of people have denied their humanity because the system convinced them not to express themselves.”

“We have been taught that you are supposed to be in perpetual motion. Most of the time we want to go slow. We need to all back off. When I worked for a corporation a long time ago, I always went home at 5.”

“We are generous animals. We hear that if we don’t have authority, we will fall apart. If you ask for help, most people will help you.”

“One of the problems I have with design right now is that people think too much and lose the energy. Some of the most beautiful posters are from Paris in the 60s. They wanted to get the message in the street right away.”

“I don’t need a lot of money. If I make $30,000 a year, I think what do I do with all this money? What do you with your money? You buy a new piece of plastic and then you feel bad about the environment.”