Cipe Pineles on William Golden

“Bill didn’t regard our craft as an art. He astonished me with the energy he put into a simple job. He turned the most ordinary job into an experience by the attention and earnestness he gave it and by having such an honest attitude. It was a most extraordinary interest in doing something. I used to marvel that he put so much enthusiasm into that small job.

He had a great interest in graphic design, in making type readable. It wasn’t something he allowed to happen on its own. I would watch him make type tracings until it read right. I kept looking in on him now and then, saying, ‘There must be an easier way.’ He would laugh. […]

CBS offered him a raise which he accepted, held for 24 hours, then gave back in exchange for an extra day off. I began to take an extra day after Bill showed the way.”

— Cipe Pineles on her late husband, William Golden, and their four-day work week (via U&lc)