Lorraine Louie and Vintage covers

An excerpt from a New Yorker profile on designer Lorraine Louie and her covers for Vintage Contemporaries:

“Vintage eventually tweaked Louie’s signature look in the nineties. Images expanded to fill the covers, other fonts were introduced, the art got a little less weird. (Meggs suggested this happened, at least in part, because some authors felt ‘overshadowed by the format.’) By then, Pelavin told me, Louie’s ‘patience with the publishing industry had pretty much worn out, because they were fucks to designers then.’ She felt frustrated, he said, seeing design decisions taken out of her hands, out of the hands of the art directors she worked with, and given to salespeople. ‘An employee at Barnes & Noble would tell you if they’d put that cover on the shelf. It was very disillusioning.'”

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