Chwast and Nicholas Nickleby

An excerpt from Ellen Shapiro’s 1989 book, Clients and Designers:

“Sandra Ruch, who for many years was responsible at Mobil Corporation for its brilliant Masterpiece Theater posters, prided herself on being demanding. ‘I could be very blunt and say, “This doesn’t work,” she said, describing her working relationship with Ivan Chermayeff and other top designers and illustrators. ‘There were times when it took us four or five months before we came up with the right image. Four or five months of working it over and over. I remember Ivan going back many times, and Seymour Chwast going back many times on Nicholas Nickleby. There’s nothing wrong with that.'”


Process pages on the Masterpiece Theatre campaign for Nicholas Nickleby by Seymour Chwast from his 1985 book The Left-Handed Designer: