Stefan Sagmeister on bullshit

“Just saw an Alfred Hitchcock exhibit at MoMA. They showed his correspondence with the studio about the title for Vertigo. He wanted to call it Vertigo. The studio wanted some other silly title.

I just could not believe that even giants like him had to fight about all that bullshit. Unbelievable.

Also talked about it today with Lou [Reed], who said that the bullshit just never stops. He told me how the record labels changed colors even on Andy Warhol. Pat Metheny says that you’ll only get through if you have the personality for it.

It won’t help me to just run away into a different field. The amount of bullshit will surely remain the same (at least as long as money is involved).

Instead of giving up on graphic design, I should try to reinvent it for myself.”

— Stefan Sagmeister (work diary excerpt)