Carl Pope on culture

“I don’t see culture as the production of beautiful paintings and works of art, you know, although culture includes that. For me the production of progressive culture is the collaborative practice with myself and other people in the world of ideals, to create and to advance human evolution. That’s what culture for me is — the actual rolling out of human evolution. And I’m really clear about my stance and my commitment to be part of the progressive roll out of culture as a person who is life affirming, who stands for the end of war and colonization, a person who is interested in equality. I’m not interested in using art as a tool for cultural imperialism. I’m not interested in producing art as luxury items for global capitalism. I’m not interested in that. Okay, I may at some point get that opportunity, and yeah I’ll take the money because I need money to live, but that does not mean that I’m going to be a neo-liberal, (laughs) you know.”

— Carl Pope (via)