Bob Gill on clients

“The tradition in our field is, clients want to see not one, but many solutions, so they can pick. I think this is a terrible mistake. Not that I presume that what I do is so wonderful. I may do nine solutions or nineteen, but I take the solution that I honestly think, ‘that is the best,’ and I go with that one solution. And then if the client says, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t like green’ or whatever the reason is, I go away and I may do another nine, but again I only show one. I don’t ever want to apologize for saying, ‘Well, you should’ve seen what I really wanted to do.’ Crazy. Nobody’s twisting our arm to show our second best or third best. It’s unfortunate that that’s the tradition. But I explain to them in the beginning, ‘I’m going to show you my best job. That’s not to say you should like it or that it’s good, but I’ll show you one at a time.’ I’ve never had an experience where I show more than two or three, you know, and then they realize they have the wrong person. Which is fair enough. I’m not particularly right for every client.”

— Bob Gill